Medium Ear Tags

The Tag ''Medium'' is an applicable eartag for sows and cattle. The standard metal tip of the male parts is compatible with all Female parts, except the Little Female parts. The Medium Tag is produced out of the best quality polyurethane, with a high UV-resistance and an excellent flexibility that secures high retention rates. The Medium eartag is approved in many different countries around the world. 

Characteristics of the tag Medium

  • Made of high quality UV-resistance Polyurethane
  • Male part is equipped with a sharp metal tip for trouble free tagging
  • Available in blank or printed


Tag Medium Male Tag Medium Female

Available colours:

Available colours:



Tag Medium  
The Medium Tag will be deliverd on a blister. The blister contains the Male - and Female parts. If an e-tag is part of a set, this will be added in a chain bag. 
  Zip Bag
If the Medium Tags are left blank, they will be packaged in a zip bag. One bag contains 100 pieces of the same gender.


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