About us

Plastifran is a world wide ear tag supplier. The Plastifran ear tag products find the way to governments, dealers and end-consumers all over the world. Due to the flexible set up of the production facilities, Plastifran is able to supply ear tags in all sort of quantities, sizes and colors.

Our focus has always been to deliver the best quality at an affordable price.

Reasons to buy your ear tags from Plastifran:

  • Plastifran Ear Tags are made of high quality TPU.
  • Plastifran Ear Tags prevents infection because of the ventilation in female cap: when the ear tag is applied, the wound in the animal's ear will heal much faster. 
  • Plastifran Ear Tags are easy to read because they are marked with laser marking.
  • Plastifran Ear Tags can be ordered in different numbers : from 10 pieces to millions of pieces at any time.
  • Plastifran Ear Tags can be ordered in many different combinations for the male and female part.
  • Plastifran Ear Tags rotate freely in the ear of the animal to assure that the animal is not harmed.
  • Plastifran Ear Tags are available in an extensive range of sizes and models wich are interchangeable and can be combined with each other.

For more information about the Plastifran Ear Tags please click here.

For more information about the Plastifran Ear Tag Applicators and Ear Tag readers please click here.


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  • Smaragdweg 60
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  • The Netherlands
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