BelTag Midi Ear Tags

The Midi Ear Tag set EID is a high quality electronic sheep or goat ear tag set. According to ISO 11784/5 standards, the set consist of  1 Quick Transponder, 1 Midi Female and 2 Midi Male parts. For more information of the Midi Parts, klick on this link. For more information of the Quick Transponder, klick on this link.

Features Midi E-Tag set:

  • Made of the best material
  • Minimal loss (Loss percentage tesed by the government with a lowest 0,64%! over a period of 2 years)
  • Very high quality operation of the ear tag
  • Good acceptance by the animal
  • Well readable
  • Large digit number printed as animal number, 10mm
  • Deliverable per 50 pieces
  • Only laser printed
  • Can be applied using the Plastifran Manual Applicator
Electronic Ear Tag Set 'Beltag Midi EID (FDX-B)  

 Available colors:



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