Manual Ear Tag Applicators


Eartag Applicators


0409894 Applicator visual tags
Applicator for visual ear tags. Made of hard, solid plastic based on 60% glass fibre

  0409824 Applicator Little Tags
Applicator with special pin for applying Little ear tags. Applicator is made of aluminium and has a stainless steel clamping plate to hold the female part in place.
  0409302 Applicator Pro
Special developed applicator for the application of transponders or visual tags by adult animals. The space between the applicator and the ear tag allows to place the tag at the right spot of the ear.
  0409303 Applicator Little tags
This is the applicator for Little eartags with built in transponder. The applicator's vertical movement ensueres that the ear tag is always directly above the female part. In addition, this allows you to apply the tags to older piglets.
  0409711 Applicator E-tags
This applicator is equipped with a spring for tge Super Transponder and the UHF transponder. 
  0409840 Applicator E-tag
This applicator has an adjustable spring. This allows you to applicate different types of electronic Transponders.


Spare parts 

 0409712 Perforation pin 
0409823 Perforation pin Little



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