Stick Ear Tag Reader 200

The powerful Plastifran Stick Ear Tag Reader "Agrident AWR 200" is developed for mobile use and for quick and powerful ear tags readings in a rough environment like stables, markets and abattoirs.

Characteristics of the Plastifran Stick Ear Tag Reader "Agrident AWR 200":

  • Works under extreme conditions
  • Offers a dual power mode, which makes it possible to read the information fast in situations such as at the loading or unloading of animals
  • A high read range for all kind of HDX or FDX-B transponders in eartag, ruminal bolus, injectaat, which are compatible with ISO standard 11784/5
  • Wireless communication up to 250 meters
  • Unique Dual Power mode
  • Clear high read range in high power mode
  • Operates up to three times longer in low power mode
  • Permanent reading mode with animal counter when fast reading is required, e.g. when loading or unloading
  • Memory of 5000 ID codes and time indication
  • Different animal groups can be registered in the internal memory
  • Built-in clock displays date and time
  • Communicates wireless via Bluetooth, on this way data is sent from and to a PDA

Plastifran Stick Ear Tag Reader "Agrident AWR 200"

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