Quick Transponders

The Quick Transponder is specially developed for not only visual recognition, but also electronic recognition of animals. The Quick Transponder can be orderd in FDX or HDX. The Quick Transponder with a normal gap can be combined with all of the male parts. The Quick Transponder little can only be combined with a Tag Round Male Little or a Tag Torbogen Male Little. 

Characteristics transponder:

  • Programmed according to ICAR / ISO 11784 / 5
  • Very practical for use at group housed sows, sheep, cows etc. for example to determine the feed dosage per animal in automatic feeders
  • Easy to attach and can be used together with other eartags of our assortment
  • Prevents human errors in animal identification
  • Guarantees a good performance
  • The ear tag can be inserted with the Eartag Applicator


Quick Transponder FDX Quick Transponder FDX Little

Available colours:

Available colours:

Quick Transponder HDX  

Available colours:




Quick Transponder  
Chain bag
If Quick Transponders are orderd with a customized printing, they will be deliverd in a chain bag.

Zip bag
If Quick Transponders are ordered with a standard Icar printing, they will be deliverd in a zip bag. One bag contains 100 pieces


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